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Personnel of travel agency "Ua-Tour" has a long-term operational experience in the tourism, necessary education and the main thing - desire to work for you!

We are glad to present to our clients a lot of individual and group excursions. Highly skilled and matured guides will answer all your questions concerning visited place. We will show you the most majestic places, beautiful landscapes from which the spirit grasps, we will make everything that the sights seen by you have left only the most pleasant memoirs. Excursions can be on foot, by car, minibus, euroclass bus, with high level of comfort and skilled driver. Subjects of excursions, objects for visiting, language depend on your choice.With our help you can choose any tour across Ukraine. Our company can offer individual and group tours on various transport, tours in historical places and modern cities, adventure and romantic trips, foot tours across arboretums, the Carpathians and the Crimea. Our personnel will choose to you the most unforgettable round across Ukraine, the country with very beautiful landscapes, mountains, the sea, the most ancient culture and history.

Want to relax in Ukraine? 5 useful tips on choosing a tour.

Many of us love to travel, but not all of it is enough time or money. In recent years the most popular are weekend tours to Ukraine. You do not need to take a vacation or compensatory time off at work, you do not spend much time and effort to get ready, you will not need a large sum of money for the purchase of the tour.

So, what to look out for when you have the opportunity to travel to Ukraine? Here are some tips that might come in handy:

1. Direction
First of all, you need to choose a city or several cities that you would like to visit within 2 days you will have enough time to visit the city of 1.2, so do not try to cover "all at once." The most visited city this weekend: Lvov, Kamenets, Mukachevo, Chernigov, Odessa, Yalta. Each of them has its own "flavor" and a rich history.
2. Program
Now that you've already decided on the direction you need to pay attention to the tour program, a list of objects that are included in the price, and you can visit on their own. Take a few minutes to explore the most famous sights of the city you selected.This will help you more easily receive the information during the excursions.
3. Residence
Note the location of your accommodation, because you need a good rest after a busy day of sightseeing and perhaps tiring trips.
4. Food
Prepare to be that many rounds of the weekend includes only breakfast, but a long time to stop and break for lunch or dinner you will not, therefore, have little snacks on the go or a bus.
5. Value
There is no secret that one of the main criteria in choosing the tour of Ukraine is its cost.The average price for the tour is 500-700 USD. / Per person. Do not try to find too cheap or too expensive tour, as in those in other lurkers "pitfalls".

We hope our advice will be useful to you, that your vacation will be unforgettable, you'll get a lot of positive emotions, and nothing will distract you from enjoying the ride!